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Energy assistance for the Zinkiv orphanage-boarding home

April 2024


Continuing our daily work on ensuring the energy sustainability of social structures with critical needs, the "DronYUA" charitable foundation provided back-up power to the children's boarding school named after O.V. Syniagovsky, handing over a portable charging station and sports equipment to the property of the institution.


This assistance was a logical extension of our global initiative "Be safe with light", guaranteeing energy comfort and better care for children with physical, intellectual and mental developmental disabilities. In this way, the employees of the institution will be able to teach, treat and rehabilitate children with better quality in stable energy conditions.


Social institutions that perform an important social mission have always been and will remain the focus of our attention. We are sure that the charging station will simplify everyday processes of caring for the residents of the social and medical institution and will make staying in the institution more comfortable.

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