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Energy assistance to the Regional Medical Base of Kherson region

Dec 2023


Due to the critical need for reliable electricity supply for refrigerators containing donor blood, charging stations were transferred to the Regional Medical Base of Kherson region. This initiative aims to support the uninterrupted operation of medical facilities in conditions where stable electricity supply cannot be guaranteed. Thus, we ensure the preservation of blood under optimal conditions, which is critically important for meeting the needs of medical institutions in emergency situations.

The use of charging stations will significantly improve the conditions for storing donor blood, ensuring:

the potential increase in the volume of preserved blood with reliable electricity supply, allowing medical facilities to increase the amount of stored blood, reducing the risk of shortage at critical moments.
reduction of blood loss risks due to power outages by providing continuous power to essential equipment.
The transfer of charging stations is an important initiative that demonstrates a commitment to supporting the healthcare sector and ensuring the reliability of medical services. This initiative reflects the importance of collaboration between different sectors of society to support health and well-being, especially in conditions that require adaptation to complex challenges.

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