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Energy Support for the Bila Tserkva Orphanage

March 2024


In response to the needs of social institutions for stable energy supply, we have taken a significant step by providing a charging station to the Bila Tserkva orphanage. This assistance has become a vivid example of social responsibility and a desire to provide the most vulnerable population segments with the necessary resources to support their well-being and safety. The charging station will help create a more stable and reliable environment for the residents and staff of the orphanage, allowing them constant access to electricity for educational processes, health care, and daily comfort.


This charging station is of great importance to the institution, as it provides the ability to charge electronic devices important for educational and developmental activities, and supports the operation of medical equipment and other critical systems. Thanks to this initiative, the children and staff of the orphanage will receive additional guarantees of uninterrupted operation of the facility even in cases of disconnection from the main power supply.


The delivery of the charging station to the Bila Tserkva orphanage is an expression of empathy and support from the community, emphasizing the importance of providing children in difficult life circumstances with the necessary conditions for their development and upbringing in a safe and comfortable environment.

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